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Michelin Retread Technologies

Why trust your retreads to anyone else? No other retread can boast the use of Michelin’s new-tire technology and rigorous quality control. Utilizing Michelin’s new-tire design technology, proven tread designs and Michelin new-tire manufacturing standards, MRT delivers reliable retreads all specifically designed to meet your critical needs.

michelin retread technologies

New England Truck Tire Centers is a leading manufacturer of truck tire retreads using the Michelin Retread Technologies process. This green technology allows our customers to increase the efficiency and durability of their trucks over all distances and applications. With these energy savings come a tremendously well priced solution, one that leaves you feeling not just environmentally conscious, but greener in the wallet too!

Retreading your tires is good for the environment and for your business. Discover a way to get the most out of your tires when you choose to embrace the retread process.

  • A casing is 70% of the value in a new tire
  • A retread is 35% of the cost of a new tire
  • A retread delivers 80% mileage of a new tire
  • Saves 100 million+ gallons of oil annually
  • Millions of tires saved from going into landfills

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